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GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine, Automatic Food Sealer

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With the introduction of their FoodSaver V2460 Vacuum Food Sealer, they have, once again, produced a high quality, relatively compact vacuum sealer that is easy to operate and helpful in keeping all of your foods fresh for longer periods of time.

In fact, we were hearing so much buzz and so many good things about the FoodSaver V2460, that we decided to do some research on it, for this in depth vacuum food sealer review. Read on to find out the facts about this popular kitchen sealer.

Protects Your Food

One thing that is very frustrating about many of today’s most popular vacuum sealers is the fact that they have a tendency to crush delicate foods. Thankfully, though, the FoodSaver V2460 Vacuum Sealer is designed with a crush-free feature that protects your food, while it seals them up airtight. And since we’d all like our favorite foods to actually stay intact when we seal them up for storage, this is a feature that we can all appreciate.

Easy to Operate

Unlike the big, complicated commercial sealers, and many of the residential models, the FoodSaver V2460 Vacuum Sealer doesn’t require a lot of skill to operate. In fact, all you really need to do is put food into the special bags, insert the open end of the bag into the sealer, and press a button. Since this model is so easy to operate, you can easily seal up your leftovers in just a minute or two, to lock in all the fresh taste and make those leftovers much more appealing.

FoodSaver V2460 Vacuum Sealer Features & Details

  • Vacuum Sealer helps to keep foods fresh and delicious.
  • Flat touch-pad control allows for easy sealing.
  • 2 different sealing settings to choose from – auto or manual.
  • Crush free technology protects your foods while you seal them.
  • Comes with an 11-inch-wide bag roll, 3 quart-size bags, 2 gallon-size bags, and accessory hose
  • Dimensions: 13-4/5 by 18-2/7 by 6 inches
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Customer Review Scores

To really see how good any product is, it’s a good idea to check out online customer reviews. So that’s just what we did – we went online to see how people are scoring the FoodSaver V2460 Vacuum Sealer. With 47 customer reviews posted so far, this sealer has earned a very positive 3.9 star rating. A few people said that this sealer isn’t quite large enough for their kitchen needs, but the majority of customers said that they regularly use this sealer to prepare all their favorite foods for storage.

If you like your appliances simple to use and powerful, while still being affordable, then the FoodSaver V2460 Vacuum Food Sealer just may be the food storage solution you’ve been looking for.

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